MDPC Survey

Please Note

The member survey closed Sunday, May 22. On Monday evening, May 23, the Session received a report from ReconMR, a third-party Houston-based polling firm, revealing our congregation’s response to six survey questions. On the final question, the congregation polled 79% to 21% in favor of affiliation with ECO. Session asked questions, evaluated the material, processed our entire Discernment time, took The Lord’s Supper together, and then voted 47 to 8 (85% to 15%) to disaffiliate from the PC(USA) and affiliate with ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians. This was a significant decision, and one not entered into lightly, but only after months (years, really) of dialogue and discernment.

Expanded Survey Results

Taking the Survey

Each MDPC member had the opportunity to express their opinion through a brief survey recording their thoughts on continued affiliation with the PC(USA), or a new affiliation with ECO. The results of this anonymous survey, conducted by an objective third party, will be provided to the MDPC Session before its final vote on whether or not to disaffiliate from the PC(USA). The survey is for members only and requires a personalized access code, which was mailed (U.S. Post) to each eligible member in your household. Instructions for taking the brief survey were also provided. The survey was only open May 15-22.

A Summary of Denominational Issues

Before taking the survey, you were encouraged to read the newsletter “A Summary of Denominational Issues,” snail-mailed the week of May 9th. This piece provides a side-by-side comparison of ECO and the PC(USA) on nine important issues, and was intended to help you make a well-informed decision. This document was prepared by The MDPC Discernment Team. A PDF version is provided below.

Pros and Cons: A Summary of Denominational Issues

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