Information Meetings Regarding Discernment

These informational meetings were open to all, and served to update the congregation on our process for dismissal through guest speakers who represented the views of the PC(USA) and ECO using predetermined questions selected by the Discernment Team. Below are links to videos of the first two informational meetings.

Watch a Video of the Tuesday, April 26 Informational Meeting

Watch a Video of the Saturday, April 30 Informational Meeting

This meeting gave the MDPC’s Pastor the opportunity to share their views with the congregation, and was followed by a Q&A session.

Watch a Video of the Monday, May 9 Informational Meeting

To view the individual pastors’ comments, below are time stamps for each of the eight MDPC Pastors, listed in scheduled order.

Rick Myers: 22:00 – 29:00
Mauricio Chacón: 29:15 – 35:35
Rachel Poysky: 35:45 – 43:18
Brandon Gaide: 43:28 – 49:35
Kristin Huffman: 49:45 – 1:02:20
Brett Hurst: 1:02:30 – 1:13:54
Dave Steane: 1:14:00 – 1:28:30
Alf Halvorson: 1:28:35 – 1:52:14

Q&A from the Congregation: 1:52:15 – 2:30:11