Men’s Life Media

2016-2017: Faith & Reason

Tuesday, September 13 | MP3 | The Challenges of Modernity and Post-Modernity | Alf Halvorson
Tuesday, September 20 | MP3 | What Are You Betting Your Life On? | David Baay
Tuesday, September 27 | MP3 | PDF of Powerpoint PresentationThe Reliability of the Bible | Dave Steane
Tuesday, October 4 |MP3| | I Think! Therefore, I Believe….The Bible | Ken Harris

2015-2016: Focus

Date Media Title Speaker
2016-01-26 MP3 Your Ministry Call Alf Halvorson
2016-01-19 MP3 Truth with Grace Drew Tingleaf
2016-01-12 MP3 The Ultimate Relationship Tim Thomas
2016-01-05 MP3 A Healthy Family Rick Wertz
2015-12-01 MP3 Your Personal Journey: Walking the Talk Alf Halvorson
2015-11-17 MP3 Laughter: The Best Medicine Mike Eyre
2015-10-20 MP3 A Christ-Centered Marriage Brett Hurst
2015-10-13 MP3 Love: What Does The Word Mean? Mickey Peters
2015-10-06 MP3 Hope: A Great Source of Encouragement Clint Harrington
2015-09-29 MP3 Faith: In Something or Someone? Eddie Henry
2015-09-22 MP3 The Power of Prayer Ken Harris
2015-09-15 MP3 Guest Speaker: Alf Halvorson Alf Halvorson

2014-2015: Choices

Date Media Title Speaker
2015-01-20 MP3 What Kind of Legacy Will You Leave? Chris Chaffin
2015-01-13 MP3 A Giver or a Taker? Brandon Gaide
2015-01-06 MP3 Guest Speaker: Ralph Marek Ralph Marek
2014-12-09 MP3 Guest Speaker: Michael Jamail Michael Jamail
2014-12-02 MP3 A Leader or a Follower? Chris Rush
2014-11-18 MP3 What is Your Source of Power? Mike Benes
2014-11-11 MP3 Faithful Fathers or Something Else? Rick Wertz
2014-11-04 MP3 When Choices Are Made For You David Dendy
2014-10-28 MP3 C.S. Lewis: The Choice is Ours Howard Edington
2014-10-21 MP3 A Man of Grace or a Man of Works? Luke Gordon
2014-10-14 MP3 What Kind of Difference Can You Make? Mike Handel
2014-10-07 MP3 Will You Be a Man of Your Word? Tom Braschayko
2014-09-30 MP3 Will You Be a Man of the Word? Ken Harris
2014-09-23 MP3 Who Are You Going to Follow? Brett Hurst
2014-09-16 MP3 Introduction Dave Peterson

2013-2014: Priorities

Date Media Title Speaker
2014-01-21 MP3 Bob McNair – Brett Hurst Interview Bob McNair Brett Hurst
2014-01-07 MP3 The Power of Community Jason Roberts
2013-12-10 MP3 Priorities of a Husband and Father Lance Zieriein
2013-12-03 MP3 Pluralistic Society Marcus Jonesi
2013-11-19 MP3 Integrity & Seduction in the Workplace Mickey Peters
2013-11-12 MP3 Getting Emotional Healthy Michael Gilbert
2013-11-05 MP3 How to Make God Laugh Clint Harrington
2013-10-29 MP3 Things I Wish I’d Learned Sooner Scott McClelland
2013-10-22 MP3 A Plugged-In Dad David Harkins
2013-10-15 MP3 Being the Husband Your Wife Needs Chris Arend
2013-10-08 MP3 Prioritizing Christ in Your Life Bill Stubbs
2013-10-01 MP3 Worship and Reflection Howard Edington
2013-09-24 MP3 The Power of Prayer Ken Harris
2013-09-17 MP3 Time in God’s Word Brett Hurst
2013-09-10 MP3 Kicking Off Men’s Life David Weekly

2012-2013: Leading Out

Date Media Title Speaker
2013-01-29 MP3 Leading Out Dave Peterson
2013-01-22 MP3 Leading with Integrity David Thomas
2013-01-15 MP3 Working as unto the Lord Brett Hurst
2013-01-08 MP3 Blazing Trails at Work Dave Peterson
2012-12-04 MP3 Listening with Empathy Michael Jamail
2012-11-27 MP3 Leadership As Stewardship Dave Steane
2012-11-13 MP3 Moving Your Kids to Higher Ground Brett Hurst & Ken Harris
2012-11-06 MP3 Moving Your Kids to Higher Ground (Part 1) Dave Peterson
2012-10-30 MP3 Leadership as Giftedness Bill Hendricks
2012-10-23 MP3 Servant Leadership Rick Myers
2012-10-16 MP3 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Dave Peterson
2012-10-09 MP3 Mentoring Part 2 Bob Giles & DonJuan Brown
2012-10-02 MP3 Mentoring Part 1 Brandon Gaide & Ray McLaughlin
2012-09-25 MP3 Some Essential Information About Women Part 2 Brett Hurst
2012-09-18 MP3 Some Essential Information About Women Brett Hurst
2012-09-11 MP3 Introduction to Men’s Life Dave Peterson